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Rolton Group Invests in EV

We are excited to announce that we recently installed six Electric Vehicle (EV) charging points at our Higham Ferrers office.

EVs have become a huge talking point over the last few years within the built environment. With the government announcing plans to ban the sale of all new sole-powered diesel and petrol cars and vans from 2040, it is now more important than ever that businesses take the issue seriously and plan for future energy requirements and infrastructure.

This is something that we have done, and in addition to these new charging points, we have planned for more to be installed at our Peterborough and Birmingham offices within the next year, as well as introducing more electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles into our fleet.

Chairman, Peter Rolton said of the occasion:

The rising popularity of EVs and hybrids in the UK is a real and incredibly influential trend; no business will go forward unaffected by this significant shift in consumer behaviour and advancing technology. However, the current lack of charging infrastructure for EVs is a critical issue in the UK and one that needs to be addressed.

“As well as introducing EVs and hybrids into our fleet, we know that many of our team are considering purchasing an EV/hybrid for personal use. With range anxiety being one of the greatest factors putting consumers off purchasing EVs, we hope that our charging points will help to alleviate this concern for the team and encourage them to purchase the vehicle they want to.”

Rolton Group are leading the way with EVs. Along with the release of our latest strategic paper, Electric Vehicles: The challenges and commercial opportunities and vast amounts of thought leadership on both our blog and in various industry publications, our energy team are playing their part in preparing businesses for the EV revolution. In 2017, they began delivering their EV and Decentralised Energy Workshops, and have been helping businesses understand what the impact of EVs may be and the potential challenges they may face if they do not start planning for the future now. If you would like some more information about our EV workshops, including how to organise our team coming to speak to yours, get in touch: 01933 410 909 or