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Crown Estate - UK-wide energy review

Contrary to popular belief, The Crown Estate is not the private property of the sovereign.

It is a commercial property business valued at more than £7 billion and is independent of the government and the monarch. The Estate manages a wide range of properties across the UK including commercial and retail properties.

Rolton Group was appointed to carry out a strategic review of the rural estate, which consists of agricultural, mineral and forestry estates in England, Scotland and Wales, as well as residential and commercial property.

Our review looked at the entire rural estate and identified 30 individual estates that have the most likely potential for application of renewable energy. The potential application of renewable energy technologies was tested against nine pre-determined criteria to ensure that land values were not eroded, only proven technologies were used, and that there was no negative effect on local communities. The introduction of any renewable technologies would have to be in line with government legislation and have a sound commercial case.

As part of the review we worked with The Crown Estate, its managing agents Carter Jonas, and the Estate’s financial advisors Grant Thornton. The analysis detailed four key areas for investment on 30 estates from the north-east of Scotland to the south-west of England:

  • Large scale onshore wind;
  • Biomass-based;
  • Micro-generation;
  • Other (Large scale hydro, tidal, underground gas and water storage)